miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

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Welcome to mi blog my name is paul miceli and i have 18 years and i from maracaibo-venezuela in this blog have information about my and the things which like my like my friends, my favorite celebration, myfood and hes team which like to me.

Enjoy looking my blog and sending comentaries to me.

ENJOY MY BLOG....!!!!!!!!

the food

I'm going to talk about the food that i like and i don't like
-For my breakfast i like eat bread and drink orange juice
-For my lunch i like eat meat and rice and drink soda
-For the night i like eat pizza and drink Coca cola
-I dont like any vegetables

my talent

I like play soccer and i like play soccer with my friends all weekends. My favorite team is F.C Barcelona and my favorite player is Ronaldinho.

my friend

His name is luis A. He is 17 years old and his favorite color is blue. He's favorite month is december for christmas because he travel to U.S to stay with his family.

my favorite celebration

In this unit i'm going to talk about My favorite Day of the Year.
My favorite Celebration of the year is christmas because i travel with my parents and family to the beach.


The finality of this blog is have comunication whit other people which enjoy the inglish and meet new people from many parts of the world.

for have new experiences from new people.